Choosing the Right Solution for Sharing Documents Online

Sharing documents online is a common activity in most professions, but it can be difficult. Share documents with colleagues, clients, and other external parties in a secure manner that doesn’t hinder the progress of the project.

There are a variety of options for sharing files online. However, selecting the best one is difficult as each solution addresses a different set or needs. Some solutions have flexible permissions, unlimited file size, integration with third-party software and other security settings.

Dropbox is a popular document sharing tool that is compatible with all devices, and lets users to share their files with a link. It’s a great choice for small-sized businesses, since it’s easy to use and allows you to connect your files across all of your devices.

Google Drive is another popular choice for businesses that want to share files with other people and is free for up to 15 GB of storage space. You can also create folders and share them with specific people or make them public for anyone who has access to your files.

Quip is an online platform that lets you to create collaboratively, collaborate on, and share documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and presentation slides. It’s owned by Salesforce and is truly a standout when used in combination with the Salesforce CRM.

WorkDrive is an encrypted file sharing platform that helps you manage access as well as track edits and analyze shared content statistics. It is compatible with all browsers. You can get real-time updates whenever someone comments on your document.

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